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Come, Come Ye Saints…There. There.

I know the world seems scary tonight. I myself, am having a hard time sleeping. Still, I am comforted by the reminder in the scriptures that we have control over all of this. Our protection does not lie in a $4000.00 tent, an extra year of food storage, or even way cool off the grid gadgets. Our protection lies in how we treat our neighbor. What? I said, the thing that will protect us more than anything is our own righteousness. And guess what else. We are guaranteed the protection of our children three generations down. Think about it-if our sins fall upon our children so does our righteousness.

Are you afraid? Be kind. Do you fear what is coming? Love one another. Do you worry about your children and their future? “Pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” Are you angry? “Do good to them that hate you.” Do you want to feel abundant and safe? Give, Give away. It is immediate. It is comforting and liberating even, to love despite all the hate-to find God amid so much that isn’t. Think back to your day, did you feed your children and husband? Then, you fed the hungry. Did you help get someone dressed or wash the laundry today? Then you have clothed the naked. Have you smiled at someone, loved someone, comforted someone, forgave and/or prayed for someone, today? Then you are doing it!

You are good, you are kind. You try to forgive and keep the commandments. And if you are not, repent. Say your prayers, don’t forget to pray for those that hurt you, pray for our country. Pray for the victims in France, and for the Dallas shooting, for the people of Panaca. Then pray for those that did these things. Take a deep breath, feel God’s love for you. Turn off your light and go to sleep. You are protected you are loved. You are going to be ok.

Till the Lights go out. Hugs,


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