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Confession: Momma Don’t Sit In the Middle!

A couple of Weeks ago, us older ladies found our places in Relief Society, in the back row on the side where the Relief Society Presidency sat. I like the back row because, as i get older, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t actually know as much as I thought I did. :O So I like to let those that actually do know things sit in front of me. They are more likely to be called on when the teacher needs a comment or answer to a question. I silently take note of their wonderful answers and awe at how good they look after a week of nurturing sick little ones, feeding their husbands, keeping house and even, for some, working a 9 to 5. It motivates me and inspires me and makes me feel at peace.

Maybe we were being a little irreverent discussing the fact that I have given up on having the perfect body. (When you have children after a certain age, that ship sails the moment you see the pink strip, and all you can do is say, “Bon Voyage,” while waving a tear stained hanky.)  We were joking at the idea that all a woman needs in this life is; a good husband, a good friend, and a good girdle and that we will get our perfect body when we get to heaven. We can wait and enjoy our occasional piece of chocolate heaven while we do. Of course, it is so much more funny to the older ladies than the younger ones, who still have theirs to maintain everyday. Our Relief Society President, twenty years my younger, might be one of them. Ok, maybe I’m not that old, but tell that to my eyes! I wear reading glasses! Reading glasses, the very sound of it is old. I am “Reading Glasses” years old. But that that is an entirely different confession all together. Moving on…

Right in the middle of our giggles, and before class had started, La Presidente, disrupted our bliss by demanding that we all move to the middle. Now, hold on a minute!? What? Did she just demand that we all move our old lady butts to the middle of the Relief Society Room? Hmmmm..Here’s the thing,

I did not just leave the pre-existence, where I fought a long battle for my freedom, losing one third of my brothers and sisters, come to earth were I watched my Father and Uncles leave their wives and their babies, for years at a time, to fight that same battle, get off my lazy butt and vote for someone I prayed would be amendable to the United States keeping said freedom, just so I could sit in assigned seats in Relief Society!!!!! NOT ok!!!

I didn’t actually say that out loud. I just didn’t move. I mean I watched as everyone around me, got up and move to the rows provided for them in the middle of the room. And I watched, in unbelief, as La Presidenta proceeded to take down all the chairs away around me and put them away-forcing everyone else to sit in the middle. Yes, you read that right. I’m just not a sit in the middle kind of person.Sure I’m in the middle about some things, like which I like more, Dark Chocolate or Semisweet, P-Nut Butter or Nutella, but you ask me about freedom and I am ALL in. And I will fight ya for it. A friend of mine tried to convince me, in a quiet anxious whisper, to move to the middle. That may have been what I should have done…but…

My name is Bianca, and I said no to my Relief Society President. Ahhhhhhh! And I braced myself….

The last time I said no to a member of the Relief Society Presidency, the secretary, was a about two weeks before. I wouldn’t lead the music. So the week after that, the secretary took 20 minutes out of the lesson, some sweet sister had prepared, to teach us all to lead the music. Then told us,  “..now no one can say, “No.”, when we ask you to lead the music.”

So, I just knew I was gonna get it.

A week and three days later, I was called to lead the music in Relief Society…..

My name is Bianca, and for the first time in my life, I said no to my Bishop.

Give me LIBERTY or give me death!!

Uh…someone might have to read this at my funeral…but that just means I’ll get my body back, faster than I thought! Bahahahaha!! I love it!!

Don’t forget to vote!



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