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Guest Post: “Preppers” for Life

My sister in law, Lucy is one of my most favorite people. She’s cool headed, sophisticated, wise and has a gentle sense of humor that seems to come at just the right moment-when you absolutely need to laugh. This post, originally posted on her family blog, made my day. Thanks Lucy for letting me post this again-such a fun read!

Preppers for Life

So, the other day my husband was at church looking through his notebook before a meeting. He found a note I had written in his notebook some time previous and sent me a text letting me know he had found it. We both had a good chuckle.

He had left the notebook on the kitchen table and I had read all his notes about the signs of the last days. I wrote…”I am a prepper!” on his notebook and then wrote “I love you.” I tease Cody all the time about being so serious about the end of the world, but I really do appreciate his efforts to be prepared. Lately, there has been a lot of excitement about signs and coming events that may lead to the beginning of the end. From what I have read from others and what Cody explains to me, this excitement is founded in years of research from many sources. I personally did not feel the need to get terribly anxious, but I did begin to think about what I would have to work with emotionally, physically and spiritually if it really was some day this month that the stock market crashed and life as we know it changed. It has been nice to be focused on evaluating myself, my family and what we have.

The way I see it, if I am squirming in my seat, feeling uncomfortable about the end coming, then I am not prepared. Prophets and apostles have encouraged preparedness for so many years and yet generations from when that counsel began, I don’t have sufficient water, let alone enough food storage. I would love to have someone tell me that “tomorrow is the day everything changes” and my response be, “That’s okay. I’m ready.” This confidence is something to work towards now, not later.

One thing that my sweet prepper, Cody has always emphasized is that it is not just a list of stuff we need to get. My knowledge and my mental attitude will make as much of a difference in times of trial or scarcity as my food storage and 72 hour kit. He learned these principles from a man named Jim Phillips who has dedicated his life to helping/educating others prepare for any situation. I have been impressed with his curriculum. I especially like his education on sanitation, cold weather clothing and mental readiness. I can see myself being able to physically take a blow during a natural disaster or other circumstance, but I let my mind get the better of me far too often. Attitude is everything. Check out the website here Safe Harbor Alliance. I tease Cody, but I take being prepared seriously. Like Noah, I want to have the last laugh–he probably didn’t laugh–as I float on my giant boat instead of drowning in the flood with the sad thought, Well, he did tell me this was going to happen.

Despite recent events or even your opinions on when the end of the world may be, does it really hurt to prepare more, to have more stored up in your mind, heart and closets?

Do you feel ready for any circumstance at any time? If you don’t, what could you do to feel more confident? How are you using this time of abundance and prosperity to prepare to bless yourself, your family and others?

“If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” (D&C 38:30)



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