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Confession Wednesday: I’m a “Prepper”.

She’s a “Prepper” don’t you want to be a “Prepper” too?

The moment we got word of the tsunami threat to coastal Chile, my husband called his dear friend from his mission to check and see if he and his family were safe. We were all so comforted to hear that the members in the area were not only safe but had been preparing for just such a catastrophe, and for the evacuation of thousands of people. He continued to tell my husband that their stake had started months earlier, missionaries were called specifically, to aid in these efforts and the members didn’t hesitate to follow their leaders. They were taught about long term food storage, short term food storage, 72 hour kits, and post disaster sanitation. They also learned how to make a bread that lasts indefinitely when stored correctly. The bread is called paneterno. (click for link to recipe)

What really surprised me was how calm and confident these members were. My husband told me that, as they were speaking, his friend was out gathering his sisters and relocating other families to safer ground. His example made us want to be more prepared in all areas; spiritually, mentally and physically.

Funny thing, I don’t think they are making fun of each other for being prepared. I’m sure none of us would think, for a second, that they were following false “doomsday prophets”, when they were buying their food storage. They are so lucky! Even though they don’t even have home storage places like we do or the luxury of high priced freeze dried everything, they were not targeting each other for ridicule for keeping the commandment to be prepared. Instead they supported each other in going to self preparedness workshops and shared their knowledge with each other willingly. And when the dreaded day of the Tsunami hit this month, they were prepared. And while it wasn’t as big as it could have been the members of Chile handled it like pros.

I appreciate the example of our friends and fellow members in Chile. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless them and all those trying to prepare and those diligently watching and anxiously waiting for the Savior to come back for us.

All my Love, Till the lights go out,






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