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Only Time

Two years ago, almost to the day, I had one of my random dreams about the last days. I dreampt we had rescued an older couple, from the big lake in our yard, welcomed them into our home, fed, and warmed them and gave them dry clothes. They were cuddled up together in some blankets, on some chairs in our living room, when my children began trying to cuddle up with them. I was worried, and told the children to let them be. I knew they had been through a lot and were tired and worn. The older man told me not to worry, smiled at my son (then 3) and gave him an heirloom timepiece. I remember thinking, “What would my three year old son do with such a beautiful gift?” I made a plan, while I was still dreaming, that I would take the timepiece when he was sleeping and put it away somewhere safe until he was at an age when he could appreciate it.

Then, I woke up and I realized the significance of the timepiece. It was time. He had gifted my son with more time. Time, perhaps, to be a kid for a few more years, maybe time to get married or even to grow old. Two years ago, I didn’t see the significance as I do now. In the last year our world has changed so much and many prophesies have been fulfilled. Today, amid floods, fires, tsunamis, and earthquakes, I wonder what I could possibly do with such a beautiful gift. What would I do with a little more time?

So I’ve made a bucket list:

Spend more time with my children
Play a little more tennis
Play anything
Show more Mercy
Love More
Crochet More
Print out my favorite family photos
Kiss my husband on the lips!!! (like all the time)
Play more
Ignore stupidity
Acknowledge the good
Become healthier
Eat better
Use everything in my craft room at least once
Be grateful for what I have
Blow bubbles
Play with balloons
Play with play-doh
Go to the movies
Learn to knit

What would you do with a little more time?
None of us know the day, but all of us are commanded to watch for the day and to prepare. After you have prepared and while you are watching, maybe even yearning and wishing for the day our Savior returns, don’t forget to live, truly live.

Till the Lights Go Out,

All my love,





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