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Confession: I Could Be Wrong.

Three letters for you sisters: Y2K. But here is the problem with that, Y2K had absolutely zero religious significance. I didn’t buy it. I worked in computers during the Y2 scare. In fact, I worked for Hughes Missile Systems, and I didn’t even flinch. But God making a blood moon the fourth and last of it’s kind  Uh Yea! I’m a little freaked out. Heavenly Father has always put signs in the Heaven’s for His people. This isn’t about Julie Rowe. Shame on certain institutions that call her out personally, putting things in quotes, mocking her spiritual experiences. So RUDE. Those of us who have read them, know she says nothing, zero, zip about dates and even less about September. This is about YEARS of research from numerous sources, Jewish Rabbi’s, Economists, Christian Academics, NASA, Historians, and even BYU Scholars. And we are going to slander one of our own, for something she didn’t even write? Really people? Julie Rowe’s beautiful experiences are wonderful but there is more out there, pick a source you trust and start reading. YOU are entitled to your own revelation. Research, Pray, Fast, Keep the commandments (home storage is a commandment) and REPENT (you know just in Case). Don’t be afraid. Don’t teach your personal study and revelation or those others have had, in church or seminary and don’t bare your testimony of them but gain one for yourself. All the statements made by the church and directed to seminary and institute admins are saying, is that you can not share your oil with anyone at this time. And all I’m saying, is GET SOME for yourself. Because as Julie Rowe says, “THE TIME IS NOW.”

My name is Bianca, and I could be wrong. Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe the world as we know it, peaceful and loving isn’t changing at all. Maybe there is no need to rush to the church storehouse and buy out all the potato flakes. Still, “Now” is always a good time to keep the commandments. And if the Prophet says get a years supply, you bet I’m going to get out there and do it even if it is just one can at a time. That’s just how I roll.





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