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Confession: Time-It’s What’s for Dinner

I didn’t make dinner tonight…and I can’t remember making lunch. I sent my husband and teenagers off to their church meetings with empty stomachs. There is a big stack of dirty dishes on one counter and a big stack of cupcakes on the other. Oh yea! Cupcakes! That is what we had for lunch..and dinner. My older daughter made cupcakes while the rest of us played hot wheels and bubbles outside. My toddlers were so hyped up after reading the twenty or so books, or maybe it was the cupcakes, that they didn’t nap. So, we got up and helped my teen son fold an origami rocket, make a launcher to go with it, and try to figure out a way to attach the launch to the rocket without changing the way it flies. We were so engulfed in our work that we forgot to get hungry. After finally, figuring it out 3 hours or so later…I sat down with my teen daughter and watched her favorite show with her, pausing it every once in a while to discuss finding her eternal companion. Then out of the blue and without any warning….it was time to take everyone to their perspective Wednesday night activities. When I came home from dropping my teen daughter off at institute I found my teen son quickly ironing his white shirt…he had a last minute meeting with the Bishop… After getting him off to the interview, I looked around at the mess that seemed to just appear out of no where. We were having so much fun we didn’t even notice how quickly the mess had built up. My son came home from his interview, with a new calling as Stake Youth Representative….I had better clean up the house, fix some meals and teach him some gospel before he has his first meeting tomorrow….always something to work on. My name is Bianca and all my family had for dinner was time. It isn’t very nutritious, and their tummies are still empty but our hearts are full.

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